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英文高手 救救我 20點 今天一定要


我今天需要一篇油條的介紹 中英文翻譯














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  • Yes Go
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    Fried bread sticks are many people's favorite breakfast. As to say its history is about the bad guy ,Qinkuai, who killed YueFei.

    Fried bread stick also is called fried pancake or fried ghost. It was the breakfast which made in the South Sung Dynasty. In 1142, the nation hero, Yuefei, was trapped in Fengbo Ting by the traitor, Qinkuai, and his wife, Wang Shi. When the residents in the capital, Linan(current Hangchow ), knew the incident, everyone is righteously angry, and had a deep-seated hatred for Qinkuai and his wife.

    There was a small restaurant near the Fengbo Ting, At that time the shopkeeper was frying something by the oil pot. When he got the news that Yuefei was trapped and killed by Qinkuai and his wife, he couldn't control his fury in his heart. He carried a piece of dough to made two small idols which a man and woman and stick them back to back and threw into the oil pot. And he shouted repeatedly" eat the fried Qinkuai". After his shouting, the nearby populace understood what he meant and cluster together at the same time. Everyone helped to start work, shouted and ate. Other restaurants saw this situation, and imitated with each other. At that time, whole Linan people did "fried pancake" and spread nation-wide rapidly.

    The fried pancake spread until today, many areas have changed its name and call "Fried bread stick". But some places still call "fried pancake" or "fried ghost".


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  • John
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    Fried bread stick is a breakfast food many people like to eat. Mentioned its past history that is related with Gin-Kuai, who is a bad man killed Yuefei.

    2008-12-25 09:34:30 補充:

    Fried bread stick also is called “You-Zha-Kuai”, that means is to fry Gin-Kuai, or called “You-Zha-Gui”, that means Gin-Kuai is a bad man like a ghost and to fry him.

    2008-12-25 09:34:36 補充:

    This breakfast food was made by civilians who lived at Hangchow city during Southern Sung Dynasty. In 1142 year, the national hero, Yuefei, was secretly incriminated by the traitor, Gin-Kuai, and his wife, Wang Shi, conspired. ……

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  • 1 0 年前


    The cruller also name fries in oil braises, the cruller. It is when the Southern Song Dynasty the Hangzhou common people manufacture earlier food. in 1142, national hero Yue Fei executed by traitor Qin Gui and his wife Wang Shi the idea, framed in secret in the disturbance pavilion. National capital Linan (now Hangzhou) the common people had known this afterward, each one is filled with righteous indignation, to Qin Gui, Wang Shi deep wicked pain .


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  • 1 0 年前

    油條 fried bread stick


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