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The Legislature today passed the third reading of the budget for the consumer

coupon program, paving the way for the coupons to be handed out to everyone

across the island on January 18th.

The $85.7 billion NT budget covers $85.6 billion NT earmarked for the coupons

themselves, and another $49.3 million NT to cover printing and distribution


All people with Taiwanese residence, including children born before March

30th next year, will be eligible to receive coupons worth $3,600 NT.

The vouchers will be distributed at post offices around the country, with the

initial delivery taking place on January 18th.

People who miss the first date can pick them up on the 7th or 8th of

February, when the post offices will be open later than normal, or during

normal hours between then and the end of April.

The coupons are valid until September 30th of 2009.



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    1. Where can you receive coupons ?

    A. At post office.

    2. When will the coupons frist be hand out?

    A. At 18 January 2009.

    3. Who will receive these coupons ?

    A. All Tawinese residence born before 30 March 2009.

    4. Which date will the coupons valid ?

    A. 30 September 2009.

    5. Why does the post offices open longer on 7 and 8 of February ?

    A. To hand out coupons for those who miss the first date.

    6. How much does the coupons worth ?

    A. $3,600 NT.

    7. What is the amount used in printing and distribution ?

    A. $49.3 million NT.

    8. Do you think consumer coupon program is an good idea or not ?

    A. Yes/No

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