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這是我自己翻的英文翻譯,請問誰可以幫我改 謝謝!


首先, 二十一世紀是網路的世紀,網路上的內容百分之80以上是英文, 在現在資訊的社會中,不能了解世界上80%的知識是會失敗的,尤其是科技方面的一切,多半來自美國, 靠翻譯不但慢而且不準確。中英文的人將會大受所有機構的重視,這種人在大多數的行業上,都是極有前途的。不論我們喜不喜歡英語,在進入廿一世紀的今天,英語已成為這個全球化時代最主要的國際語言。廖伯森 (2006)表示目前全世界大約有四分之一的人口在說英語,超過了說中文的人口 。有70多國將英語列為官方語言,一百多個國家把英語列為第二語言,而且數量還在持續增加當中,例如以前說比利時語的盧安達現已將英語列為官方語言,以前為法國殖民地的越南和阿爾及利亞也把其第二語言由法語改為英語。英語變得愈來愈重要,這不是因為英語比其它語言傑出,而是因支撐英語背後的權力,也就是美國在經濟和科技上的霸權。如果當年是希特勒贏得第二次世界大戰,我們今天大家拼命學得外語可能就是德語了。

In the first place, it is a Internet World Century in the twenty-one century. In the Internet of the contents which are above 80%. In this informational society, you can’t understand the knowledge above 80% that it is failed. Especially, science and technology aspect, and it is more come from America. It is too slow to translate and can’t be very accurate. People who can speak Chinese and English will be pay attention to every offices. These people have future extremely in greet majority of professions. No matter how much English do you like, it is becoming the main international language in the world in the twenty-one century. At present, four point populations speak English in the world and it is over populations that speak Chinese. About seventy countries use English to be Official Language, and one hundreds countries use English to be second language. Beside, the most quantities are increasing. For example, Rwanda spoke Belgian language before, but now they use English to be official language. The colonies of French before, Vietnam and Algeria also use English to be second language. English is more and more important, it is not that English is more outstanding than others languages. It is a reason that English is supported behind the rights which, the US is a overlord, has economical and technical in the world. If Hitler had won the Second World War, we may study German hard now.


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Make good use of all English skills and knowledge. As well as we hope everybody will find how to learn English well by myself、increase learning efficiency and enhance English ability.

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    In the first place, it’s an Internet World for 21st Century. The contents of the Internet, however, are above 80% in English. So, in this information society, you’re deemed to be failed if you couldn’t understand 80% of the knowledge on the Internet. Especially, the info on science and technology comes from the United States . It’d be too slow to translate the info 100% in accuracy. People who can speak both Chinese and English will be welcome by any institutions as well and would be in great majority of the professions in the future. No matter whether you’d like English or not, it’s becoming the major international language in the world in the 21st century. At the present, one fourth of the world population speaks English which outweighs the population who speak Chinese. About seventy countries use English as the official language, and one hundred countries as the second language and those figures are increasing.

    For example, the Rwandans spoke English before, but now they use English as official language; Vietnam and Algeria , once the French colonies, also use English as their second language. English is more and more important right now. It’s not that English is more outstanding than other languages. It is because the US ’s great power in economy and politics that supports English as a language. If Hitler had won the Second World War, we now then must study German hard instead.


    I hope that people could make good uses of all English skills and knowledge and find how to learn English well by himself and enhance his learning efficiency and English ability as well.

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    It is well perceived that the 21st century will known as the century that is dominate by the internet and more precisely 80% of the information on the internet are written in English. In a society where information and knowledge play a vital parts within the world, the inability to understand 80% of the knowledge are seen as a failure.This is particularly evident in the techonology sector where most of the new knowledge are derived from the United States. Relying on translation has its downside as it is slow and extremely inaccurate which in return cause confusion and creates more havoc.Anyone who possess bilingual ability especially in English and Mandarin will be well sort after by various companies in differnt industry all around the world.Whether or not we are keen on English , as we embark in to the 21st century undeniably English has evolved in to one of the most important language in the world. At present 25% of the world population are able to speak English, this figure exceed the population of people who are able to speak Mandarin. English is the official language in over 70 countries around the world as well

    the second official language in over 100 countries and this figure will keep on going up. For instance, Rwanda a country where Dutch ,German and French are frequently spoken, have now offically replaced these languages with English. Vietnam and Algeria two former French colonies have also substitute French for English as the second offical language in their respective countries.The importance of English does not mean the superiority of the language compare to other languages but its importance are epitomise by the domoniance of United States on the world ecnonomy and techonology.Had Hilter won World War II ,conceivably the German language are likely to the official language of the world rather than English.

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    To be able to utlise all our English skills and knowledge and applying them in the appropriate situation is something we should strive for.

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    I hope everybody are able to discover a method that will assist them with their learning thus improving the learning efficicency as well further enhancing their English ability.

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