What's the difference between stand and stall?

I know stand means 攤子、小販賣部 and stall means 小攤、貨攤.

I can't tell the difference between stand and stall.

Is there anyone who can answer my question? It would be better if

someone can provide examples.

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    1. stand 與 stall 最主要的區別在於 stand 範圍很小, 大概只是一個人站立的地方大小所以才叫 stand, 像是崗哨也叫 stand(station); 演奏小提琴支撐琴譜的那個支架也叫 stand(music stand).

    唯一較令人驚訝的是, 像是棒球場的一層層的看台也叫 stand; open stage的看台也叫 stand. 這是比較面積大的,但通常 stand指的是直立的架子或面積跟人站立一樣大小空間的亭子, 像剛才講的崗哨就是; 有時候在路邊賣熱狗的攤子也可以叫 hotdog stand; 或者你或許也聽過 newsstand, 就是路邊的較小報攤; 擺放雜誌供人閱覽的就叫 magazine stand(rack); dress stand(rack), 展示衣物的直立架;

    2. 而 stall 通常面積比較大, 例如: bookstall(賣書報雜誌的小攤子), 或是車站內售報紙的面積稍大的也兼賣飲料的也可以叫newsstall; 而最常見的就是路邊攤也是叫 stall. 凡是擺攤位面積稍大的一般都叫 stall, 例如 fruit stall(水果攤)...等等; shower stall(淋浴的小空間)

    3. 小空間圍起來的就叫 booth, 如 telephone booth; 圖書館內的研究小間也叫 study booth or study stall(稍微大點的).

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    a small shop or stall or an area where products can be shown, usually outside or in a large public building, at which people can buy things or obtain information


    Over three thousand companies will have stands at this year's microelectronics exhibition.


    a large table or a small shop with an open front from which goods are sold in a public place


    In the village market, the stalls are piled high with local vegetables.


    所以其實 stand 就某程度是可以等於 stall

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