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Various investigations underline the outstanding antiaging properties of ectoine. Epidermal dendritic Langerhans cells are the single most important antigen-presenting cell population in the skin. The number of Langerhans cells decreases significantly in aged skin, whereas the decrease in skin exposed to the sun is greater than that in skin protected from the sun.13-15 Topically applied ectoine shows an immunoprotective potential on the sun-exposed skin of healthy subjects. The ultraviolet-induced reduction of Langerhans cells has been prevented by pretreatment with ectoine before sun exposure.16 The exposure of primary human keratinocytes to ultraviolet A provokes the formation of ceramide by a singlet oxygen-mediated mechanism. As a consequence of the increased ceramide level, an intracellular signaling cascade is activated, leading to expression of the proinflammatory intercellular adhesion molecule-1. These negative effects are effectively prevented by ectoine as a result of its singlet oxygen-quenching properties.17,18 Because the activity of antioxidant enzymes and the levels of nonenzymatic antioxidants decrease with age,19,20 ectoine could prevent such oxidative damage in skin.

Skin in particular, which is susceptible to water loss because of the absence of an optimal skin barrier (eg, the skin of the elderly, atopic skin, or after surfactant treatment), shows increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and diminished moisturization.21

The goal of the present study was to investigate the effect of ectoine on the moisturization status and barrier function of the skin after topical application in vivo. Furthermore, different molecular dynamic simulation systems were created in silico to compare models of water, water-ectoine, and water-glycerol. The outstanding activity of ectoine as a strong water structure former was evaluated against glycerol as a commonly used humectant in cosmetics.

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    各種各樣的调查強調ectoine卓著的防皺物產。 表皮樹狀Langerhans細胞是在皮膚的唯一最重要的抗原提出的細胞人口。 Langerhans細胞的数量在年邁的皮膚極大減少,而在皮膚的減退被暴露在太陽比那偉大在免受sun.13-15典型地被申請的ectoine展示保護的皮膚在健康主题sun-exposed皮膚的immunoprotective潛力。 在太陽exposure.16主要人的keratinocytes暴露對紫外A由汗衫氧氣斡旋的機制之前,挑釁神經酰胺的形成Langerhans細胞的紫外導致的減少由與ectoine的預處理防止了。 作為增加的神經酰胺水平結果,激活細胞內信號小瀑布,导致proinflammatory細胞間的黏附力分子的表示1。 這些消极作用由ectoine有效地防止由於它的汗衫氧氣熄滅的properties.17, ectoine可能防止在皮膚的這樣氧化損傷的18,由于抗氧化酵素的活動和非酶的抗氧劑的水平減少與年齡, 19,20。剝皮特別是,是易受水耗由於缺乏一個優選的皮膚障礙(即,年長,遺傳性過敏症的皮膚的皮膚,或者在表面活化劑治療以後),展示增加了transepidermal水耗(TEWL)并且減少了moisturization.21 本研究的目標是調查ectoine的作用对皮膚的moisturization狀態和障礙作用在典型应用以後體內。 此外,不同的分子动态仿真系統在silico创建比較水、水ectoine和水丙三醇模型。 ectoine的卓著的活動作为前一個強的水結構被評估了反對丙三醇作为在化妝用品的常用的濕潤劑。

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