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    This is my first time to do the topic!! That was really a bit afraid, afraid of what is a very difficult lesson!!

    At the beginning of discussion of what to do when the mess!!

    We have had a lot of the proposal, the subject has been changed!!

    Initially we decided to use the ideas to make tourism the subject, later found many problems!!

    And everyone would always want to have always wanted, I was thinking about a final decision has to do for the title of tea!!

    At the beginning of this topic in this period of time, a bit confusing, compared to later adapted, also found that I learned a lot of things did not come across!!

    Tea the first time to the first time according to a tea garden in front一整片also the first time one of the photos themselves do continue picking tea!!

    A lot of very fresh the first time!!

    The topic I was the camera and see what is the film, we do also make tea tea also shot, no matter what pictures are not even have to make a tea!!

    Look at themselves in the West look at themselves in the East, in fact, was full of fun!!

    Although Every time I go to tea plantations have to get up very early and then work under the hot sun has also been sweating!!

    But we are all together in the sun so picking tea!!

    So even if the hard work will not be tired again!!

    We can assume that it is an experience and memories embrace!!

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    不好意思 一整片改成 a whole

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    This is I first time makes the topic!! Said really a little was afraid at that time, feared also what is very difficult class!!

    In just started to discuss must make anything the time, chaotic!!

    Everybody's proposition are also many, the topic has also changed!!

    At first we are the decision must use the traveling the drop to make the topic, afterward found that the problem are many!!

    Everybody has wanted to think that thought the decide finally has the tea to do for the topic!!

    Just was starting to make this topic this period of time, is a little chaotic, to afterward compared adapted, also discovered I studied many before has not bumped thing!!

    First time goes to the tea garden first time to treat an entire tea garden to get down picking tea according to another picture first to make the tea!!

    The many very fresh first time!!

    This topic I hold the post of the photography, saw the thing is a racket, everybody is making the tea also to pat picking tea also to pat, no matter what is making to pat a company tea also to pat!!

    East illuminates according to the sunset, actually completely is being also amusing!!

    Although each time goes to the tea garden to very early get out of bed must under the sun work very hotly again has also perspired!!

    But everybody is picks tea together under the sun makes the tea!!

    Therefore again laborious cannot be tired!!

    Treats as is one kind hugs informed and experienced with the recollection!!

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    This is my first time to do the topic


    Be honest, i feel a bit worry in the beginning. Im worry that it can be a difficult subject to me


    When we discuss in the beginning, it is kind of mess


    People give a lots of ideas and our topics are keep changing


    We decide to do travel as our topic but we find it creates more problems in the end


    We keep thinking and finally we decide to write something about picking tea leave as our topic


    Of course, It creates alots of problems and mess when we start on this topic but we are getting use to it


    We also realize something we havn't done it before.


    First time i go to tea leaf farm, I have see whole the land are planted with tea leafs


    It is a very new experience to me


    My responsibility is take all the pictures for this topic. I will taking pictures as many as i can. I will take photos when people is picking the leafs


    No matter what, i will even taking photos for one tea leaf


    Its very interesting job


    However, every people need to wake up in the early morning and picking the leafs under the sun.


    But people still do the same thing without any complaints


    No matter how tough it is, they never feel tired


    This is the fantastic experience and memory.


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