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1) Outline and describe recruitment?

Ans: Recruitment is the first process, it is filling a job vacancy and an examination of the vacancy to

select and consider a suitable candidate, and attracting application from them.


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    Recruitment companies would need to categorise all job vacancies and then filter all the applicants who have applied for the various positions.Inititate contacts with the ideal applicants via email, phone , fax or correspondent to arrange a date for an interview. During the interview process, determine whether the applicant is suitable for the position and repeat the process until suitable applicant or applicants are found. In case there are more than one suitable applicants then conduct a second interview with the assistance of manager or supervisor from the deparment where the vacancy is coming from.

    If there is a unanimous approval for one particular applicant the recruitment process can be deemed as finished. The next step would giving out a job offer to the appropriate applicant and finalising the job contract if the applicant consent to the contents within the contracts.