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本研究旨在針對不同職類女性參與休閒活動類型及休閒阻礙因素進行探討,並比較不同背景變項(年齡、教育程度、職業狀況、年資、薪資)之公教職女性,在參與休閒活動類型及休閒阻礙因素上是否有顯著差異。本研究以屏東縣(市)之公教職人員 (即公職與教職之管理階層及職工階層) 為對象,利用「女性參與休閒活動類型及休閒阻礙因素」問卷為工具,進行調查,並以描述性統計方法、T檢定、單因子變異數分析等統計方法進行分析,研究結果如下:一、女性參與休閒活動類型以室外型為主,其次是家庭型、消費型、室內型、野外型、運動型、社交型、藝文型,較傾向於戶外遊憩型。女性最常從事的運動為郊外度假、旅遊、騎自行車、逛書局、逛遊憩區、親子活動(去動物園、公園、照顧小孩子)。二、影響女性休閒活動阻礙的三個構面依次是「個人內在阻礙」、「結構性阻礙」、「人際阻礙」,對於休閒活動項目的喜好及認 知、態度、參與動機、技能與項目本身所具有之特性,是影響女性想參與休閒運動的主要因素。三、不同背景變項之女性在參與休閒活動類型上均有顯著差異。四、不同背景變項之女性在參與休閒活動阻礙上均有顯著差異。


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    This research is for the purpose in view of the different duty class female participating in the leisure activity type and the leisure hindrance factor carries on the discussion, and quite different background variable (age, education level, professional condition, period of service, salary) male teachership female, in participation leisure activity type and in leisure hindrance factor whether to have the remarkable difference. This research take Pingdong County (city) the male teachership personnel (i.e. public service and of management echelon and staff social stratum teachership) as the object, the use “the female participates in the leisure activity type and the leisure hindrance factor” the questionnaire is a tool, carries on the investigation, and by descriptive statistical methods and so on statistical method, T examination, single factor variance analysis carries on the analysis, the findings is as follows: First, the female participates in the leisure activity type by outdoor primarily, next is the family, the expense, indoor, the open country, the mode of motion, the public relations, the literary arts, favors the outdoors amusement and rest. The female is most often engaged in the movement takes vacation, the traveling for the suburb, to ride the bicycle, to stroll the publishing house, to stroll the amusement and rest area, the parent-child activity (to go to zoo, park, to look after child). Second, affects the feminine leisure activity hindrance three construction surface is in turn “individual intrinsic hindrance”, “the constitutive hindrance”, “the interpersonal hindrance”, regarding leisure activity project's fondness and the cognition, the manner, the participation motive, the skill and the project itself has the characteristic, is affects the female to want to participate in the leisure movement the primary factor.

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    Third, the different background variable female has the remarkable difference in the participation leisure activity type.

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    Fourth, the different background variable female has the remarkable difference in the participation leisure activity hindrance.

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    Finally carries on the synthesis on the findings to discuss, and puts forward the related proposal. Key words: Leisure hindrance, feminine leisure participation, leisure activity type

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