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文章內容有關the effects of unemployment


and that is why

as a consequence

as a result of


because of


due to

foe this reason





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    The Effects of Unemployment

    The problem of unemployment is rising and is expected to continue doing so as a result of current world financial conditions. There are many personal and national effects of this issue. For this reason, it is important that governments and other concerned groups do as much as they can to ease, if not eliminate, the problem.

    Unemployment puts a strain on national resources because those who are out of work do not pay as much taxes, yet claim benefits from the government. Consequently, the individual represents a net loss for the nation for the duration of their unemployment. There are, of course, two types of unemployed. Namely those who want to work and those who do not want to work. Therefore the solutions that are needed to get these two groups back into work and the problems that arise from their unemployment differ.

    Those who want to work but find themselves unable to find a job are generally young with little or no qualifications or have been made redundant and are over the age of 40. It is this group that is most likely to suffer personal issues as they become disillusioned and, as a consequence, suffer from frustration and depression. Consequently, such conditions of desperation and poverty can lead to crime, domestic violence and health problems such as alcoholism. Thus it is important that the unemployed are not discriminated against in the job market.

    Those who do not wish to work and have been unemployed for a long period of time present a different problem. Because of the fact that no civilised country could simply stop all benefits, it has been realised that different approaches are necessary and that is why some governments are considering making long term recipients of unemployment benefits undertake compulsory community service. Such considerations are mainly due to pressure from taxpayers but may be fitting since this group represents the main drain on national resources and suffer little or no personal anguish.

    2009-01-08 06:06:34 補充:

    If such an individual has children, then the poverty and lack of opportunities that they experience is highly likely to lead to crime and health issues so it is important that these victims are not forgotten when forming policy.

    參考資料: Me (英國人), Me (英國人)
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    what da hell is that..?

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