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2.In the wake of this incident, however, South Park's citizens decide to act kindly towards the Broflovskis and, in an effort to aid them in their attempts to reach the Prime Minister and convince him to allow Ike to return to America, they will give them their Christmas gift money. However, they clearly did not take their children into account when they made this decision, and as such, all the children are left upset with the thought of Christmas without any presents (Clyde bursts into tears at the news).

3.聖誕也是孩子們增長見識的歡樂節日,聖誕節也是移民們了解西方文化的大好機會。大家互贈禮物﹐發賀卡﹐要學會用英文寫祝賀的字句。要上臺唱聖誕歌曲﹐和聖誕老人合影﹐和眾多老外祝賀聖誕﹐互道Merry Christmas and happy New Year,新鮮事一件接一件。

4. 聖誕也是一個促進消費﹑有利國內外貿易﹑提高國民生活水平的節日。而加拿大人習慣收到禮物立即當面拆開﹐連聲道謝和贊美﹐所以禮物的需求量就很大。不像中國禮物可以循環使用﹐二鍋頭﹑紅塔山﹑包裝豪華的月餅﹐張三送給李四﹐李四再轉送給王五﹐轉一圈有可能還回到張三手裡。因此﹐一些頭腦轉得快的人看准時機開設禮品回收商店﹐殺價回收﹐提價賣出﹐生意也還不錯。

5. 加拿大人的Boxing Day也很有意思﹐其實它是商家在節後的一種促銷手段。店家只是拿出部分商品﹐以超低的價格為號召﹐吸引大量顧客來購買﹐出清存貨。



2.Participants in the 87th Annual Polar Bear swim celebrate the New Year on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia January 1, 2007,A man tries to catch a football after leaping off a wharf during the annual New Year's Day Polar Bear swim which was held in the fishing community of Herring Cove, Nova Scotia, January 1, 2007。


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    1.Nearly will continue next month ﹐ this but in Canada's Christmas celebration is from all sides the season which a happy season ﹐ will see one climax after another.

    3.The Christmas also is the children grows the experience happy holiday, Christmas day also is the immigrants understands the Western culture the golden opportunity.Everybody mutually presents as a gift the gift ﹐ to send the greeting card ﹐ to have to learn with English to write the congratulation the words and expressions.Must come on stage sings the Christmas song ﹐ and Santa Claus takes a group photo ﹐ and the multitudinous foreigners congratulates the Christmas ﹐ to say mutually Merry Christmas and happy New Year, something new meets one.

    4.The Christmas also is a promotion expends ﹑ the advantageous domestic and foreign trades ﹑ to raise national living standard the holiday.But the Canadian custom receives the gift in front of to disassemble immediately ﹐ expresses gratitude repeatedly and praises ﹐ therefore the gift demand very is big.Does not look like the Chinese gift to be possible to circulate use ﹐ white liquor ﹑ Mt. Hongta ﹑ packing luxurious moon cake ﹐ three to give Li four ﹐ Li four to pass along again for the king five ﹐ transfers has the possibility also to return to open in three.Therefore ﹐ some brains transfer the quick person to settle on the opportunity start present to recycle the store ﹐ to offer a very low price the recycling ﹐ to raise the price sell ﹐ business to be also good.


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    5.Canadian's Boxing Day also very is interesting ﹐ actually it is business's after festival one promotion method.The shop owner only is puts out the partial commodities ﹐ to purchase take the ultra low price as the summons ﹐ attraction massive customers ﹐ clears out the goods in stock.

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    很謝謝你,不過我想要人工翻譯@@ 電腦翻的意思有的都怪怪的

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