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suspend or drop-out?

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    我也曾經修過學, 學校用的是 take a leave of absence

    像修學一年我就會講說: I'll take a leave of absence for 1 year.

    那 take a year off 則並未指明是在何種情境下發生, 比較籠統式且偏口語化的表示

    或許你可以說: I'll take one year off the study.

    drop out of the school是指退學.

    2009-01-16 04:57:33 補充:

    如果用 suspend 也可以: I'll suspend one year of the study.

    2009-01-16 06:33:59 補充:

    用 take one year off the study 有什麼錯?...

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    "off" can be used as preposition, meaning: "away from"

    So you can say: "take a year off school", "take a year off work".

    Or as "adverb" as suggested by 無極 .

    Take a year off from school. Take a year off from work.

    2009-01-26 13:13:10 補充:

    As indicated by Manhattan, when you use "take a year of leave of absence", you do need to specify the reason, just as you use the phrase "take a year off".

    2009-01-26 13:20:54 補充:

    You can only use "studies" as it needs to be plural when referring to 學業.

    Take a year off studies.

    Example (use the search function "find" and you will find examples of the usage of "studies"):

    2009-01-26 13:21:16 補充:

    Also see definition from the dictionary:

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    較正確的是: take one year off from school

    要加from, 因為off在此為副詞, 需要加介系詞.

    另如: take one year off before graduate school,

    take one year off between high school and college

    都是另加介系詞的. 如不加會失去語意.

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    我以前在南澳大學讀 停了一年

    用的是 defer 哦 defer means postpone

    Suspend means

    To bar for a period from a privilege, office, or position, usually as a punishment: suspend a student from school.

    Drop out is to stop attending school or college.

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    1.suspend or drop-out? 都有被處分而休學

    2.若個人因素如生病、經濟問題的、甚至老外有旅遊的「休學」用 Non-academic leave.

    3.休學一年的英文怎麼說? I took a non-academic leave a year.

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  • ?
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    我曾經用另外一字表示學業的中斷. 考慮比較看看.

    I once quitted my studying for one year in the university.

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    take a leave of absence 通常就是指請假 可長可短

    I will take a leave of absence for one year

    suspend 中止暫停

    I will suspend my study for one year

    參考資料: 住在美國
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    Take a year off 是比較常用的說法。當然,take a year off 可以是 take a year off 任何事。所以你可以說 take a year off school。 Take a year off the study 文法不太對,我們不會這麼說喔。可以說 Take a year off studying。

    Take a leave of absence 也對,是比較正式的說法。但同樣的,take a leave of absence 也可以是講工作,學校,等。也要說明清楚喔。

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    Usually "Take a year off."

    參考資料: Myself
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