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Aeronautical engineer 跟 aircraft technician

1. 有什麼共同點?

2. 有什麼不同 ?






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    Aeronautical Engineers design, develop, test and oversee the building of aircraft, aircraft propulsion systems, airframes and control surfaces.

    Aircraft Technicians are employed on duties which include aircraft flight line handling and replenishment; inspection, removal and installation of aircraft components at all levels of maintenance; disassembly and reassembly of aircraft components; preparation and use of aircraft support equipment; identification and demanding of aircraft spares; preparation and packaging of technical equipment for transportation and amendment and maintenance of technical publications; inspection, maintenance, servicing, repair and fault diagnosis of landing gear and braking systems, air-conditioning, pressurisation and surface ice control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic power systems, fuel systems, weapons systems and associated explosive ordnance, fire warning, detecting and extinguishing systems, turbo-shaft, turbojet and auxiliary power plant and associated systems.

    Additionally, the member should be aware that employment in the Aircraft trade will involve the handling of explosive ordnance.

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