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三、研究方法:1.依變數主要指選擇不同商店做為購買地點的各群消費者,自變數分為三部份⑴消費者的特徵⑵消費者所認知的惠顧動機⑶消費者對商店的印象。2.統計分析方法⑴因素分析⑵變異數分析⑶Tukey 檢定⑷Scheffe 檢定。





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    The consumer studies one, research goal to the chain Convenience stores: 1. discussion different store purchase consumer; To your help motive importance and the view difference. 2. in each item of your help motive, how the consumer to the different store's impression, and discusses and the actual purchase behavior relevance. 3. different consumer group decision your help motive why. 4. understanding different expense group has what similarities and differences in the population statistic variable and in the life state variable. 5. discussion chain-like Convenience stores the limit and the future development potential which will encounter in Taiwan.

    Second, data source: 1. primary materials: Draws up the questionnaire by the researcher, after visit statistical analysis. 2. secondary data: The related books, the periodical, the paper, the newspaper and each statistical monthly report collect separately.

    Third, research technique: 1. depends on the variable mainly to refer to the choice different store to do for each group of consumers who purchases the place, the independent variable divides into three parts⑴Consumer's characteristic⑵Consumer cognition your help motive⑶Consumer to store impression. 2. statistical analysis method⑴Factor analysis⑵Variance analysis⑶Tukey examination⑷Scheffe examination.

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    Fourth, findings: 1. common consumers when livelihood of the people things and so on purchase groceries, mainly take the grocery store as your help store, the time is the fair price center, for the chain-like Convenience store, finally is the supermarket again.

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    3. different expense groups are on the whole similar to 14 item of your help motive's importance order of rank, but each expense group institute gives the important weight still had the remarkable difference.

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    4. entrepreneurs should from⑴Price aspect⑵Discusses the circle hypothesis⑶Commodity branch class⑷Popularity⑸Image⑹Sales way⑺Receives the silver Taiwan service⑻Aspects and so on business hour strengthen only then may enable the chain Convenience store the management to have the competitive power.

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    2. statistical analysis method⑴Factor analysis⑵Variance analysis⑶Tukey examination⑷Scheffe examination.

    參考資料: Myself, myself, myself, myself, myself
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