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本社區為政府興建之國民住宅,基地面積34.94英畝,除部份作為公用設施用地外,實際興建20.06英畝,共計9 區,店鋪358 戶、住宅2044 戶,共2402 戶。

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    本社區為政府興建之國民住宅,基地面積34.94英畝 ,除部份作為公用設施用地外,實際興建20.06英畝 ,共計9 區,店鋪358 戶、住宅2044 戶,共2402 戶。

    The community comprises public housing compounds built solely by the government. It occupies the entire 34.94 acres, part of which is for public facilities while the buildings area 20.06 acres. It divides into 9 compounds for the total of 2402 units – including 358 units of stores and 2044 units of housing.

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    The national house which this community built for the government, the area of base is 34.94 acres, besides regarding as the land used for public utility partly, build 20.06 acres actually, it is 9 districts, 358 shops, 2044 houses altogether, amounts to 2402.

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