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fall asleep

laugh it up

have two left feet

upside down

just right

pop open

by accident

hang on

a good cry

feed on

call out

in public

face danger

eat up

different kinds of

in no time

work on

soft drink

fall in love

send away

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    fall asleep:These tips can help you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep睡覺

    laugh it up:The students laugh it up as they learn dramatic action in the Richmond.笑開懷

    have two left feet:Swing dancing can be a lot of fun, but also challenging if you have two left feet or no natural rhythm to work。(左右不清)

    upside down:Bat roosting is unusual in that bats hang upside down when they are sleeping or resting.(上下顛倒)

    just right:Looking for the old just right website?(恰如人意)

    pop open:Do Minivan Doors Pop Open on the Road?(彈開)

    by accident:Red Green's success as a television star came purely by accident(意外地)

    hang on:He hung on until the rope broke. (握住不放)

    a good cry:Not only can a good crying spell unburden your emotional load, but it can also calm and cleanse your whole body.(痛哭一場)(好好哭一下)

    feed on:Cows feed on hay.(以...為食物)

    call out:After hearing Julio call out Richard for stepping on his shoes, the students rushed to the scene to see what the excitement was all about.(嘲弄; 挑戰)

    in public:I kiss her in public.(公開地;當眾)

    face danger:Are we willing to face danger for the sake of Jesus?(面對危險)

    eat up:Eat up the dinner while it is still warm.(吃完;吞噬)The work ate up all his time(消耗;用完)

    different kinds of:I have different kinds of books.(不同種類的)

    in no time:I will meet you in no time (很快;立即)

    work on:Employees who are required to work on a holiday receive their rate(在....工作)

    soft drink:I want some soft drink not wine. (清涼飲料)

    fall in love:I fall in love with this little girl.(墜入愛河)

    send away: He sent his son away to school in Germany . (送走)

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