Mind over matter?

請問mind over matter 的意思是什麼呢


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    Mind over Matter

    >> 心智的力量勝過一切物質的障礙

    - its the thought that your mind is stronger than anything and can over come any obstacle, and it can!

    - Willpower can overcome physical obstacles, as in Margaret was determined to go to the wedding even on crutches--mind over matter. This idea was already expressed by Virgil in the Aeneid (c. 19 b.c.) as Mens agitat molem, "Mind moves matter," and it appeared in various forms in English by 1700. (一位婦人一心要拄著柺杖去參加婚禮)



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    Mind over matter was Mao Zedong's idea that rural peasants could be "proletarianized" so they could lead the revolution and China could move from feudalism to socialism. It departs from Leninism in that the revolutionaries are peasants, instead of the urban proletariat.

    "Mind over matter" was also a phrase popularized during the 1960s and 1970s. It originally was used in reference to paranormal phenomena such as extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis. However, it has also been used in reference to mind-centric spiritual and philosophic doctrines such as responsibility assumption. It is the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. Specifically, mind over matter refers to controlling pain that you may or may not be experiencing, such as holding your hand under extremely hot water and feeling no pain. Also, "self-help" personalities such as Tony Robbins claim that, through the power of concentration and "positive thinking", people can walk on hot coals without getting burned. This claim is made despite the fact that there are solid, scientific explanations for firewalking. The phrase is present in the 2000s as well, usually used as slogan by hackers and hacker sites.

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