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這是我的作業 老師出的考卷

請各位用英文回答我的問題<文法須正確>謝謝 p.s.需用一句話回答完畢 這是問答題.

1.Why eas Raoul surprised to see Christine in the opera?

2.Where did Christine come from?

3.According to Christine . what was the voice in her dressing room?

4.Who were Monsieur richard and Monsieur Moncharmin?

5.What happened when Carlotta tired to sing the part of Margarita?

6.What did Christine ask Raoul to wear at the masked ball?

7.What did Christine do when she heard the singing in her dressing room?

8.Where did Christine go on the white horse?

9.What did Christine see when she pulled off Erik`s mask?

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    1.Because they were friends in their childhood, and he

    was surprised that Christine had become an opera singer.

    2.這題我不太確定 應該是北方的國家

    3.It was the angel of music 's voice.

    4.They were the managers in the theater.

    5.Her voice sounded like a toad.

    6.She asked him to wear a mask.

    7.She followed the voice.(這題也不太確定)

    8.She went to her father's cemetery.

    9.She saw his horrible face.

    參考資料: 喜愛歌劇魅影的我
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