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    Orange pumpkin cinnamon Scotland cookies


    non-salt butter 100g

    sugar 80g

    steam and mash pumpkin 150g

    cinnamon powder 1 spoon

    low flour 180g

    a method of work

    1.After, the butter put to soften in the room temperature. Add sugar, and then add pumpkin mash stir

    2.Cinnamon powder and flour

    2009-02-07 14:43:08 補充:

    Add sugar and dismiss become the fine hair, and then add pumpkin mash stir

    2.After, cinnamon powder and flour sieved, and then add the butter paste and use the scraper slice and mix

    3.Take a big plastic bag, and put in dough, separated the plastic bag

    2009-02-07 14:55:37 補充:

    shaft 1 cm thick slice, freeze more over 30 minutes

    4.Warm up the oven 180 degree, the cookies cut the rectangle

    toast about 25 minutes

    (If you want crisp, you can bake 5 minutes, stuffy 10 minutes and take out)

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    It doesn't constitute an orthodox practice can be said to be improved is very similar to the Scottish biscuits

    Orange pumpkin cinnamon biscuits Scotland


    Salt-free butter 100g

    Granulated sugar 80g

    Steamed pumpkin mud 150g

    Powdered cinnamon 1 tsp

    Low-gluten flour 180g


    1.Butter at room temperature to soften, add sugar, stir villi shape, then add pumpkin mixture evenly mud.

    2.Cinnamon spices and flour after screening, adding butter paste mixed with scraper to cut way of mixing agglomerans.

    3.Dough, then put into large plastic bags, large plastic bag of dough into a pressure of about 1 cm thick, frozen more than 30 minutes.

    4.Preheat oven 180 degrees, will be cut into rectangular's biscuits, baked about 25 minutes (If you want crisp, it can be more grilled five minutes, stuffy in the oven in 10 minutes and then removed).

    * Scottish biscuits relatively thick thickness, so baking time will be longer than the average of the biscuits, if when baking cookies color too dark, can be reduced to 160 degrees bake temperature.

    參考資料: Google翻譯
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    ' this is not an orthodox practice very, can be said to be and improved very similar Scottish biscuit

    Orange pumpkin Cortex Cinnamomi Scottish biscuit

    Material: Salt-free cream 100g

    Sugar 80g

    Steam well done pumpkin and mud 150g

    A small spoon of Cortex Cinnamomi powder

    Flour 180g of low muscle

    The way of doing things:

    1.After the cream is softened at room temperature, add the sugar to send and take the form of fine hair, and then add the pumpkin and mud to mix thoroughly.

    2.After the Cortex Cinnamomi powder and flour are sieved, add the cream to paste and mix into a group by way of cutting and mixing with the scraper.

    3.Fetch a big plastic bag, put the dough, become about 1cm thick slices through the plastic bag pole, refrigerate for more than 30 minutes.

    4.Unless last 180 degrees oven, until whether biscuit last rectangle,last about 25 minutes (if the crisp a bit, can bake for 5 more minute, take out again in stuffy 10 minutes) .

    *The thickness of the Scottish cake is thicker, so to toast time is longer than the general biscuit, if it is too deep to colour midway, can transfer temperature to about 160 degrees to bake slowly. '

    2009-02-07 14:25:28 補充:


    參考資料: 我的英文老師
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