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(1) prison 和 jail 都是「監獄」的意思,它們二個字通用嗎?還是有些不同意思的地方呢?(最好可以造個句囉)

(2)straw 和 pipe的不用處?用法? (希望造個句)

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    Prison: 監獄

    1: a state of confinement or captivity 監禁或囚禁狀態

    2: a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers ; specifically : an institution (as one under state jurisdiction) for confinement of persons convicted of serious crimes 犯法者監禁的場所,特指州政府轄管之監獄,犯人為已定罪之重犯。

    Jail: 看守所

    1: a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody ; specifically : such a place under the jurisdiction of a local government (as a county) for the confinement of persons awaiting trial or those convicted of minor crimes


    2: confinement in a jail <sentenced to jail> 看守所

    造句: A- Bian, the former President took his custody in Tu-Chen Jail, after his final Investigation and the Trial have been settled, he might be sent to Green Island Prison.

    Pipe 管子(有金屬、塑膠等可做水電及樂器之大管類)、煙斗。

    1 a: a tubular wind instrument ; specifically : a small fipple flute held in and played by the left hand b: one of the tubes of a pipe organ: (1): flue pipe (2): reed pipe c: bagpipe —usually used in plural d (1): voice , vocal cord —usually used in plural

    Straw ( 穀類長莖中空之小管,如麥桿、稻草等,曬乾之草可作為編織草蓆等之用) 紙、塑膠或玻璃類之飲料吸管亦稱 straw.

    1 a: stalks of grain after threshing ; broadly : dry stalky plant residue used like grain straw (as for bedding or packing) b: a natural or artificial heavy fiber used for weaving, plaiting, or braiding

    — straw in the wind(預兆) a slight fact that is an indication of a coming event

    造句: He used to enjoy smoking pipes, whenever his pipe got stuck, he used a hard plastic straw to clean it up.


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    prison 指正式的監獄。

    He was sentenced to three years in prison.

    jail 指看所守、居留守內的監禁房。

    This man is staying in a jail waiting for judge passing a sentence upon him.

    straw 是稻草、麥桿,或是吸管。

    If you like to drink a cup of juice,1you should use a straw to help.

    pipe 指較大的管 如水管 、輸送管或是抽煙用的煙斗。

    Our home's water pipe broke yesterday.

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