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請問哪位大大有BB的we belong together的英文版歌詞?



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    We Belong Together 英文版歌詞 /BIGBANG

    收錄在:日文 2nd mini album - With U

    (GD)Yea, Baby Boo

    I’m always thinking about you

    Whatever you do, I’ll always trust you

    You know… We belong together uh

    Chorus – Park Bom

    Boy I’m ready for your love (yea yea)

    You got me going steady for your love (oh oh)

    Nobody but you I’m thinking of (don’t cry)

    So heavenly so obvious (thanks a lot, yea)

    Ooh baby I’m so ready for your love (love me)

    You got me going steady for your love (we belong together uh)

    Ain’t nobody but you I’m thinking of (yess)

    That’s only because we belong together (let’s go)


    (Oh) Uhh hey baby girl, what’s up

    Give me just a little time

    You be always on the go, it’s like, oh, you can at least say ‘Hi’

    My sweet lover, there can never be another

    Wanna rub ya, baby all the above

    No one can deny you’re so fly, so fly

    Gotta say my mind

    And it’s killing me everyday of the week

    Oh, but I guess I get by

    What you want, this side of me

    Just ride with me to our destination

    Kick back and ride and relax you know

    (PB: Ooh, baby baby)

    Never mind your cries and woes

    We can sail away and free those

    Everyday top city life

    Now it’s our time, enjoy this view

    The city’s out and it’s all about you and me

    Let’s get this groove on

    Never move on

    Hey, let’s cruise on

    Until the morning yo

    Repeat Chorus

    2009-02-16 11:17:31 補充:


    (hey hey, hey hey)

    Girl you got to stop, please

    Give me room, I’m a dude, when I do these, in full swing

    When I clear the room there you are, so beauty

    Never ever need to lay my two eyes on so much juicy (so juicy)

    2009-02-16 11:17:43 補充:

    Gotta say she’s so incredible; classy, not a hoochie

    So truly, wanna show I’m that kinda guy, fosho

    That gives her more than your average, I’m goin’ off the road

    Just like these dope flows, I got what it takes to pinkberry yours

    2009-02-16 11:18:04 補充:

    [note: beat your rhymes? talking to another dude, lol silly TOP]

    So then they call me ‘HERO’

    Betting often that you’re crying out ‘Drama’

    Girl you got my head spinning out, nothing I would do

    2009-02-16 11:18:24 補充:

    What’s going on, we going out

    Cuz it’s about me and you

    I’m talking every second of every minute, I’m thinking about you

    We gotta please ride to forever from my heart, I promise you

    Repeat Chorus

    (GD: yea, listen)

    2009-02-16 11:19:26 補充:


    The way you treatin’ me

    So heavenly and wonderful (Trust me)

    Oh we have so much so fun, can’t get enough, I need some more (Na, na)

    That’s for sure, thought I’d let you know

    I’m ready to just give you my all (Gotta be, gotta be my love)

    2009-02-16 11:19:38 補充:

    And I can’t wait for you to hold me gently in your arms (I’m so happy)

    Caress my body baby, as we both become one (I love you)

    Feel it all deeply in my heart

    That we belong together my love, oh

    2009-02-16 11:19:50 補充:


    (Oh) Baby, your love is so mind-blowing (PB: Oh yea)

    I need you, gotta please you my girl

    And that’s for life-long (Oh baby, baby)

    Baby, you know it’s so right for me and you

    You gotta think it over

    I’ll never deny

    2009-02-16 11:19:59 補充:

    Baby, your love is so mind-blowing (PB: oh baby baby…)

    I need you, gotta please you my girl

    And that’s for life-long (You know that I love you, yea)

    Baby, you know it’s so right for me (belong together)

    You gotta think it over

    I’ll never deny (ooh baby…)

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