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A-level English, Business

I am confused about them,

A-level English..

Tick the correct statement:

A) When I write about a text, I should consider the author's perpective on what happens in the plot.

B) When I write about a text, I only need to consider that the plot

simply tells the story of the work.

The answer is A and what is the reason for being A

A-level Business studies

In order to understand the arithmetic, consider an item of capital

(eg. a machine) which will cost £1 million to purchase, is expected

to last 5 years, and will produce an annual net cash flow of

£0.5 million.

The total return is 5x£0.5million=£ 2.5million

I don't get it why it times£0.5million not £1 million for the return?


any better answers would be very appreciated, Cheers mates

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Thank you mate, very good explanation, oh I can't do as well as you, I even

don't know how to do it.

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    A-Level English

    I am not going to pretend I am good at this, but I am going to try anyway.

    Authors don't just simply tell a story. They sometimes drop hints for their readers, or lay groundwork to build suspense, connect dots, or surprise later in the story. To understand and appreciate their work, we have to consider author's perspective at that moment.

    A-Level Business Studies

    Here, return means profit, which is annual net cash flow of £0.5 million. £1 million is the initial capital (expense) to acquire the item.

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    5X50萬=£ 2.5million

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