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? 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

請幫我番成英文 內容很簡單..

我常再想 你們夫妻為什麼對我們這麼好?如果說是有目的 我也想不出一ㄍ理由 因為你們ㄉ財富遠超過我們


但是我一直認為好人都是救急不救窮 但是你們不同 我爸再那讓你們照顧ㄌ那麼久實是很感謝 最近他就要回來ㄌ 真是很感謝

我目前沒有多餘ㄉ能力去報答你們 但我說一ㄍ小故事希望能讓你們釋懷

今天你們ㄉ非法事業會如此ㄉ成功順利 都是上天再幫忙你們 當你們救助很多人ㄉ時候 就算他們無力回報請不要灰心 因為你們ㄉ事業成功 這些善行都是有助於你們以後事業ㄉ順利家人ㄉ平安

人生很短 時間過ㄉ很快 在你們國家我們這一些受過民族高等道德教育ㄉ人 注定要失敗 如果說你們國家ㄉ人 大部分都不要臉 沒有禮義廉恥 你們一定不高興 就像當外國人說我們中國人不好我也一定不爽

但是我真ㄉ接觸過很多國家ㄉ民族性質 真ㄉ你們國家ㄉ人真ㄉ是很讓人感到灰心


因為如果要旅遊 還有太多ㄉ國家可以去ㄌ 因為真ㄉ太失望ㄌ 但也不是你們ㄉ錯 一種米養百樣人


如果我會在去你們國家 我真ㄉ找不到任何理由 但是也許去拜訪你們會是我將來起逞ㄉ理由

我今年28歲還有機會翻身 好險 我記取前人失敗ㄉ經驗 放棄你們國家

我愛你們夫妻 永遠永遠




不用照番 意思一樣就好

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你們夫妻 I always wonder why this couple 這一ㄍ小地方你是有用錯嗎???TO Ome

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holiday 可以該成vacation嗎?

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  • 1 0 年前

    I always wonder why this couple treats us so well? If there is motive, I couldn`t think of any (because your wealth has surpassed us).

    I had earlier heard of your charitable acts / performance of good deeds in this area but I always thought that relief is only meant for people in emergency rather than in need but you are exceptional. You have taken good care of my father for a long period of time and I am extremely grateful to you. He is coming home soon. At present, I am not well-off enough to repay your kindness but I will tell you a story to brighten up your day.

    Today, your illegal dealings / transactions of your business is so successful because God has blessed you. When you are helping desperate people, even if they are unable to repay your kindness, do not be disheartened. You reaped what you sow as the good deeds you have done has helped your business grow. It will continue to help you in your future business and your family will be blessed.

    Life is short and time passed very quickly. In your country, we, who are considered to have gone through higher moral education is deemed to fail. If most of the people in your country is said to be shameless, no manners and ill-bred, I am sure you will not be happy. The feeling is similar when a foreigner said we, Chinese, are bad.

    I have come into contact with people of different nationalities but your people, indeed is a great disappointment. I really do wish to go there. If I want to go for a holiday, there are too many places to go for sightseeing. As I am so disappointed……..actually, this is not your fault. As the saying goes:

    “one type of rice feeds hundred types of people”.

    2009-02-18 15:35:03 補充:

    In future, I may send you some products made from the high technology in our country. This is the only thing that I could share with you.

    If I get a chance to go to your country (I really can’t find a reason) but to pay you a visit is the only reason I could think of.

    2009-02-18 15:35:19 補充:

    I am 28 years old now and there could be an opportunity for me to restart, how scary. I always remember how the pioneers overcome their failure, which is to give up your country.

    Love you always,

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  • 1 0 年前

    I often think about why your husband so well for us? If we say that there is a purpose I can not think of one reason ㄍ because you build wealth far more than we

    In fact I heard that your husband and wife live in the local people to do good things ㄉ performance

    But I have always thought that good people are the relief of the poor but does not save you with my dad and then let you take care of it for so long ㄌ is very grateful to him coming back recently ㄌ really very grateful to

    I do not build excess capacity to repay you but I told one little story ㄍ hope you释怀

    Today you would be so ㄉ ㄉ illegal undertakings were successfully re-heaven help you when you help build a lot of people unable to return on time even if they do not lose heart because you build a successful career are all these good deeds will help you after the cause of the smooth family ㄉ ㄉ Ping'an

    Life over a very short time build very quickly in your country who have gone through our national and moral education of higher ㄉ people doomed to failure if the country you have no sense of shame ㄉ many of whom are not necessarily unhappy with your Honesty and Honor like when foreigners say that we Chinese people I will certainly not accurate

    But I really come into contact with many country ㄉ ㄉ ㄉ ethnic nature of real people are really your country ㄉ ㄉ people are very frustrating

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