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To help her with the horror

I went to Yahoo UK Answers to see this, oh which is a very terrified

thing to a woman, and things like that, any fantastic advice to help her

with it?


What is the best way to cope with rape?

Not that long ago I was raped by a stranger while walking home after a night out with friends.

I have had feelings of guilt, anger and depression over what

happened. The guilt because I have felt that maybe I was to blame.

I was walking alone at night along a pathway, I had been drinking

and because of what I was wearing. I also feel that I have on

occasions been in denial about what happened.

Since the attack I have started going out clubbing again. I feel the

need to get my life back to normal and not to allow the rapist to win.

What is the best way to cope with rape? How do other women

deal with it?

If any other girls have had a similar experience please feel free to

e-mail me if you would like to chat.

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    for one, there is no fantastic advice for rape victims.

    she has started clubbing again, that's a good sign. i am not a rape counsellor, but it seems like she is trying to get her life back. being a total male stranger, i wouldn't approach her to offer any help at this moment in time. not that i wouldn't want to, but it is just not the best time for her to open up to a male stranger.

    rape is emtionally and physically traumatizing event. it's better that she seeks professional help from someone who understands what she is going through, and has the capabilities of helping her cope.


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