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拜託幫忙一下 Lookalike Coke

Lookalike Coke

Of course, the big brands are not giving in without a fight. When British supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, led the attack on Coke by launching its own similarly packaged product, it managed to secure fifteen per cent of the total UK cola market in just two months. But Coca-Cola was quick to respond. Sainsbury’s was told to change its packaging fast or Coke would cut its prices to rival supermarkets and leave Sainsbury’s hopelessly overpriced. Some people say the Sainsbury’s cola tastes as good Coke. But they’re the ones who underestimate the power of the brand.

Big Brands – Big Business

Brand names are still the reason Omega can put a 300% mark-up on their watches, the reason Nestle spent a fortune buying Perrier, the reason investors are prepared to pay up to twelve times the book value for a company’s stock. Big brands remain big business in the city.

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    品牌名稱仍然是保證. 歐米茄可以把300 %標記在其手錶,雀巢願意花大把鈔票購買佩里爾,原因是投資者願意支付比帳面價值高12倍的公司股票。大品牌仍然是城市裡大生意的保證。

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