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Does AU still belong to UK?

Does Australia,NZ still belong to the UK?

Is Her Majesty Queen still the leader of them?


Yes, you are right, The Queen is the head of state of these countries, very good answers that you give, Fantastic, mates

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    I think it is particularly noticeable that the Queen is still the "Head of State" of Australia and Canada and New Zealand.

    What this means is, nominally the Queen is still the highest power of the country, although technically these countries as we all know, have their governments, parliaments, and prime ministers. They are able to independently govern their countries without actually asking the Queen on matters. This is because of their own constitutions.

    It is contrary to the United States which actually broke free from the UK completely, so it is entirely a republic of its own. That's because the United States declared its independence from the Queen, unlike the other three countries stated above which didn't.

    In AU, NZ & Canada, the Queen's interest is represented by the " Governor-General". He or she is a very honorary person with no actual political power but procedural authorities, because he/she is supposed to be non-partisan.

    In addition, to further understand AU, NZ and Canada's relationship to the Queen, you could also look up the meaning of "Crown Dependencies" and "British Overseas Territories".

    Hope the above answers your question.

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    They do not belong to UK, but they are the members of the Commonwealth, and have their own leaders. If you wnat to understand the relationship between them, you can refer to the question below.