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If someone kills the Queen

If someone kills the Queen, Would he get a sentence death?


My question is what I wrote. would he get a sentence death in England?

sorry my Chinese not so good, but I can read.

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I think he may be killed by the Security Services, what do you think about it?

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Yes absolutely, there is no sentence death in England at the moment, just

wondering if someone kills her majesty and what is going to happen?

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oh No, you are wrong the death penalty has been completely abolished

in the UK, really that is true. and we are not talking about English learning

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You speak English, I speak English, what is the reason to talk about

English learning.

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death sentence or sentence death, whatever you got it, Yes you did.

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  • nung
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    No, he will not be sentenced to death, since in England and Wales the death penalty is totally abolished.

    By the way, it is called "death sentence","death penalty", or "sentenced to death"

    and not "sentence death".

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    2009-02-22 16:21:18 補充:

    If someone kills the Queen, Would he get a sentence death?


    sentence death=>判死刑


    2009-02-22 16:26:43 補充:

    What is your question anyway?

    I mean, You need a translation of any part about this sentence or somethingelse?

    2009-02-22 16:37:05 補充:

    He would,surely.

    I do'nt think the sentence death has been abolished in England.

    Still.We are not discussing about learning English.are we?

    2009-02-23 10:05:23 補充:


    Thank you for your advise!

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    Would you mind if you speak English please? mate