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”get by in” 的意思和用法

請問英文裡的 "get by in" 有哪些意思? 有幾種用法?

可否舉例說明? 謝謝^^

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    基本上它是由─get by+ in N.─

    -get by in- 可說「在(某方面)...還過得去」「在(某方面)...僥倖生存、通過」;get by 會因後面的N.不同、表達不同情境而搭配不同的prep.!

    *【 get by 】

    1. "勉強"過得去、"勉強"生存、 "僥倖"通過、"僥倖"成功

    My work got by. - 我的工作還過得去啦。

    The boy just got by "in" high school. - 這男孩("在")中學勉強畢業。

    He thought he could get by "in" the exam. - 他認為("在")這次考試他能低空飛過/僥倖通過。

    For the party, can I get by "in" a pink dress? - 我"穿"粉紅洋裝去那晚會還可以吧?/還過的去嗎?

    The company just got by with the help of the government during this financial meltdown. - 靠政府的協助這家公司才能勉強應付這波經融風暴。 → get by with- 靠...應付(對付)過去

    We got by on just a gallon of gas. - 我們憑一加崙的汽油僥倖度過回來。→ get by on- 憑...應付(對付)過去

    2. 經過、走過去

    Bride's Biscuit got by the other dogs to win the race. - Bride的狗超過其他的狗兒們贏得這場比賽。

    She got by in the opposite direction. - 她往反方向走過去了。

    3. 過日子、糊口

    I can't get by on such a small income. - 我無法以如此微薄的收入過活。 →此時的 get by "on" = live "on"- "以"...過活

    He is able to easily get by on his salary because he doesn`t spend a lot of money. - 他能輕鬆以他的收入過活是因為他會節省開銷。

    Novelist learns to get by in LA. - Novelist 學習如何在LA生活。

    How many struggle to get by in the retirement? - 有多少人在退休後還力求生存?

    Judging from the above, when to use【get by in】:

    句型:get by in+ 環境、地點/ 事情、事件/ 方面(學業)/ 服裝.....(every noun can put after "in")



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