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The stick shaft is to be designed as one-piece.

If the stick is not designed as one-piee, the blade is to have a fixed

mounting to the shaft by means of pre-fabricated hole, using rivet or

screw (unfixed,snap lock, etc are rpohibited)

Forstraightness(see appendix9)-the stick shaft is ,

when unloaded, to be fitted within two imaginart

parallel lines.

The distance betwwen the line is 50mm.

The grip line is to be marked for minimum 80% of the

shaft circumference.

The stick blade is to be produced in polymeric material.

The blade is to have an embossed print.

The marking is to be of such proportions and design that

the information is clearly visible and is not removed under play.

The print size may not be less than 5mm in hight.

The embossed print is to be uncoloured.

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    在直度方面(見附錄 9)- -球桿製成時,必須符合在二條想像的平行線中的規格,這二條線之間的距離是 50 毫米。



    桿面則有紋路雕刻,這些刻記是經過設計且有一定比例,刻在桿面上必須清晰可見,即使使用後也不會不見。刻印是不上色的,而且深度不可少於 5 毫米。