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take it easy 放輕鬆

take it easy 放輕鬆.....要怎麼照句---請各位大大告訴我


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    A: I have got a job interview in an hour. I am very nervous right now.

    B: Take it easy, my friend. You will be doing just fine.

    A: 我下個小時有一個面試,我現在很緊張。

    B: 放輕鬆我的朋友,你會表現很好的。

    C: She has't called me since yesterday. Is she ill?

    D: Why don't you take it eay? Give her a call.

    C: 她從昨晚就沒打電話給我?她生病了嗎?

    D: 妳為何不放輕鬆點,打電話給她啊?

    E: This is the first time I drive my dad's car. I am afraid of crashing into something.

    F: All you need to do is take it easy. Keep your eyes on the road.

    E: 這是我第一次開我老爸的車,我很害怕會撞到東西。

    F: 你所需要的是放輕鬆,專心看路。

    參考資料: 自己造的。^___^
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  • 1 0 年前

    As you have three hours to take a rest, you can take it easy and

    enjoy your lunch.

    Take it easy! It's just a game!

    Take it easy! I believe you can pass the final exam.

    參考資料: 自己
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  • 1 0 年前

    I like to take things easy when I am on holiday.


    Just take it easy, don't think too much.


    A: I have a big exam tomorrow. I am so nervous.

    我明天有大考 我好緊張喔

    B: Hey, take it easy. Everything will be fine.

    放輕鬆 沒事啦

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