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Step 1:將咖啡濾紙掛在杯上,倒入咖啡粉,再將熱水透過濾紙倒進杯裡...注意,不要倒太多水,先將水覆蓋過咖啡粉即可

Step 2: 等待約20秒,待所有的水都濾過杯子後,再依照同樣的步驟,第二次將熱水倒入杯中


Step 3:待足量的熱水都透過濾紙倒入杯中,就可以將濾紙拿走

finally: 妳可以依照自己的喜好加入牛奶或糖,最後,你就完成了一杯好喝的咖啡!!


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    Step one: Apply the coffer filter paper over the cup, pour in the grounded coffer powder, and then pour hot water into the cup over the filter paper. Attention, don't pour too much hot water at once. Over the coffer powder is enough.

    Step two: Wait for about twenty seconds, wait until all the water filters into the cup and then repeat step one, pour hot water into the cup.

    Instruction: One coffee bag needs 200CC~ 250CC of hot water is decent. If you want a stronger flavor, pour the hot water slower, and wait for it longer. Control the amount of hot water at around 200CC. On the other hand, if you don't want your coffee that strong, pour in the water quicker, and add more water!

    Step three: After all the hot water goes through the filter, remove the filter paper.

    finally: one can add sugar and cream by how they like it. at last, you have a good cup of coffee!

    Instruction: Sometimes we can add milk tea and coffer together, which is called "yuan yian(或mandarin ducks) coffee". yuan yian coffee is very famous in hongkong. so people who enjoys milk tea could follow the steps above and with one's own taste mix coffee and milk tea together. after finishing the steps above, you have finished and can enjoy a delicious cup of ying yuan coffee!

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    step 1:Hangs the coffee filter paper on the cup, pours into the coffee powder, again pours into the hot water penetration filter paper in the cup…The attention, do not have but actually too to be juicy, has covered first the water the coffee powder then

    step 2: Wait for about 20 seconds, after all water to filter the cup approximately, then defer to the similar step, second time pour into in the cup the hot water

    Explanation: A coffee package probably needed 200~250cc the water will be enough. If you hoped it tastes rich, the hot water pours into the coffee mesh the speed to slowl, the standby period also must elongate slightly, water volume control about 200cc….If compares by chance the pale taste, the second after movement may fast somewhat, the water volume also be possible to join many!!

    step 3: Waits the full quantity the hot water all to penetrate the filter paper to pour into in the cup, may take away the filter paper

    finally, you may add milk or sugar to own likes , after that,you have completed a tasty coffee!!

    Explanation: Sometimes we will be able to mix together the tea with milk with the coffee drink, called it " mandarin duck coffee ", this mandarin duck coffee in Hong Kong is extremely famous, if therefore likes the friend who drinks the tea with milk, might as well is illuminating the above step, one to one or defers to own taste the coffee and the tea with milk mix, you might own complete and enjoy to a cup of delicacy mandarin duck coffee!!


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