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    Between two islands: Great Barrier Reef and Hawaii

    Most of the islands around the world are so beautiful that attract a lot of tourists to visit. For instance, it is known for the best job in the world, Great Barrier Reef, which needs an owner to manage this island. That’s an area around the East of Australia with a large number of islands. It covers an area of 350 thousand square kilometers. The island was made of calcium carbonate from the coral bug. In addition, the average temperature in Great Barrier Reef is about 23 degrees centigrade in year. It is suitable for you to visit every month. For languages, it not only speaks in localEnglish, but also speaks in Japanese, because there are many tourists come from both countries. If you want to be the owner in Great Barrier Reef, you should get around visiting it.

    Also, the Aloha State, Hawaii, is a famous island in the world. Hawaii belongs to the United States; in spite of it has 2500 miles far away from the United States. It was made of 5 small islands: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai and Lanai. It is also the most isolated island in the world, covering an area of 6425 square kilometers. Hawaii is the structure of volcano, so it has various landforms such as deserts, mountains, volcanic rocks and forests. The average temperature in Hawaii is about 26 to 30 degrees centigrade, the weather is just like summer in the whole year. Most people who live in Hawaii, coming from Anglophone countries, Japan and China. Thus, it is common that people speak English and Japanese in Hawaii.

    Above of all, between Great Barrier Reef and Hawaii, there are something different but in common. Both people are enthusiastic for beach, surfing, diving, and see the natural views; however, with the global warming, both islands have been protected carefully. Otherwise, nobody can prove that the islands will exist after several years.


    常錯的像是 almost of the people,應該改成most of the people或most people


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    但你如果把中文 貼上 會更好

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