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I am29 years old, born in Hualian. I am in family's 4th daughter, I also have 1 younger sister. In family's financial circumstance is not good. My parents just want 3 children originally. But paternal grandmother requests them to have the son. When I and younger sister birth, must give others to foster originally. But my father does not give up. Therefore we can stay with family. When I was very young , my father hand is sawn up when he was working. Not only at that time has not obtained the compensation, but also because of the medical expenses, frequently has the people who duns come our house to hits my father, pounds the furniture. In family's financial circumstance has been worse, but My parents still persisted us enables to continue studying. Sometimes must borrows the tuition to the relative or the neighbor. Although my father’s hand joins, but the medicine was not develop at that time. The finger could not move. My father cannot find the work, only can be engaged in business reject to make money. We also are to make handwork since childhood. When I was graduated from elementary school, summer vacation can go to the restaurant to work as waiter. Although my parents is very laborious, but they have not let us have an empty, never because which family the economic problem has a fit of temper to us. Our whole family's sentiment is extremely good. I always think myself was very happily. Therefore I am very optimistic. All my friends were very much like to close me.

After I was graduated from high school, because the Hualian opportunity of employment is too few. I go to Taibei to get the job. Rents the house with the elder sister elder sister to live. My parents still live in Hualian. Only then the quite long vacation can return to Hualian. I am very miss them .

I am work in Chunghwa Telecom. My position is the counter service personnel. But I am not the unofficial personnel. The pay is few. But can fit the time when I attend class.


I was graduated from high school for 10 years ago, My younger sister still studying in those years. I hope for help my parents, so I was go to work. My younger sister were graduated last year. Therefore I decided returns to the school. I am likes listening to English song very much.

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Therefore I am decided to study English department. Work and study at the same time were very tire. But when my English is progressed slowly. I was has the sense of achievement very much.

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Study English also understands West culture at the same time that really interesting. I hope when I was graduate that I will still continue learning English joyful.

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    I am29 years old, born in Hualian. I am the 4th daughter in my family, I also have a younger sister. My family's financial situation was not the best. Originally, my parents just wanted to have 3 children. But grandmother insist on them having a son. They were planning on giving my sister and I away when we were born. But my father was reluctant to give us up. So we ended up staying with the family. When I was very young , my father's hand was sawed off when he was working. He did not receive any compensation and the medical expenses did not help our financial situation. Because of that, collectors came to our house often. They beat up my father and ruin our furniture. Because of my father's accident, our family's financial situation became worst. My parents still insist on us continuing our education. but sometimes we have to borrow tuition from our relatives or the neighbors. Although my father's hand has been reconnected, but medical technology was not advance enough to enable movement to the fingers at the time. My father cannot find work, the only job he found was selling recycled materials to make money. My sisters and I often help out by taking odd jobs. When I graduated from elementary school, I got a job as a waitress at a restaurant during summer vacations. Although my parents had a hard life, but they never let us go hungry. They never direct their unhappiness at us because of our financial problems. Our whole family's very tight. I always feel I'm very lucky. Therefore I am very optimistic. All my friends like to be around me.

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    After I graduated from high school, I went to Taipie to find a job Because Hualian had very few employment opportunity. My older sister and I rented a house together. My parents still live in Hualian. I only get to see them on longer vacations, so I miss them very much.

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    I graduated from high school 10 years ago. At the time my younger sister was still in school. I wanted to help my parents, so I decided to enter the work force.

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    My younger sister graduated last year. So I decided to return to school. I always like to listen to English songs and watch American movies.

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    So I decided to major in English. Work and school at the same time is very tiring. But as my English gets better slowly, I feel a sense of achievement.

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    Studying English and understanding Western culture at the same time is very interesting. I hope when I graduate, I can still continue learning English with great joyful.

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