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Tomato pulp, which is ground tomato minus the skins and seeds, has a solids content of only 6%, and so a 3.78-liter can would contain only 231g of tomato solids. Concentrated to 32% solids, the same can would contain 1.38kg of tomato solids, six times the value of the original product. For a manufacturer needing tomato solids, such as a producer of soups, canned spaghetti, or frozen pizzas, the savings from concentration are enormous in cans, transportation costs, warehousing costs, and handling costs throughout operations. This is especially so sine much of the U.S. tomato crop is plants in Chicago and eastern areas of the country. These savings can be even greater by eliminating small containers and shipping the aseptically packed concentrate in bulk. For the same reasons, millions of tons of concentrated fruits, juices, vegetable products, milk products, and other commodities are used industrially, in restaurant operations, and in the home. Large quantities of concentrated buttermilk, whey, blood, yeast, and other food by-products, are used also in animal feeds by poultry and livestock growers.




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    a 3.78-liter can = 一個3.78公升的(鐵 鋁或金屬)罐

    例如 a trash can

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