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急!!英文高手請進 幫翻譯










就這些了!請幫我翻成英文,明天就要用了 所以很急!謝謝!

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    Our school is divided into three buildings.

    The first building is for administration; the second one are classrooms for faculties; in the third building, there are classrooms and the library.

    The library itself is divided into two levels, which contains a great quantity of reading materials. It is the source of our knowledge and entertainment. The library is also equipped with computers for research purposes. In my opinion, our school facilities are well rounded that provides us with a great environment to study in.

    參考資料: myself.
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    There are three buildings in our school.

    One of them is used as the Administration Building; another one is used for junior college classrooms; as to the other one, in addition to classrooms, there is a library which has two floors. In it, a very rich collection is used to provide us with lots of knowledge and fun(entertainment); besides, there are also computers available for us to surf.

    In my opinion, the equipment of our school is so ideal and wonderful that it is a very good learning environment for us.

    參考資料: me
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    There are three buildings at our school: the first one is for administration , the second,

    the professional classrooms and the third, the library, also some classrooms.

    Our library is located by two floors. It has very huge volume books from which we will get much knowledge and entertainment.

    Besides, we can use the compurter inside to check the informations we want.

    I think our school has enough equipments and it has also an excellent

    learning surrounding.

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    Our school divides into three building one is administration building second is faculty classroom third besides the classroom, but also has the library library to divide into two, has the very rich library holding to provide us in many knowledge and the entertainment library also has the computer to supply to inquire me to think that the school furniture is very perfect, is the very good learning environment