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3. 本合約在不違反事項1的前提下,為一年一約,合約期滿,雙方合意可再續約。-->此項可先不用翻.一二巷比較急


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    1. In this agreement, whilst both parties terminate all requirement in business ( or the first party has to terminate the business relationship due to no requirement in business), the second party will be required to return the original to the first party unconditionally, and this agreement will expire automatically.

    2. The second party shall not conduct any action of install and dismantles toward the inside and outside of the machine/equipment, or any circumstance of function and appearance damaged caused from inappropriate use;

    Such as breach of the above requirements, the first party will reserve the right to claim compensation toward the second party for the equipment in accordance with market price.

    3. Under the premise of not violating the above terms 1, this agreement will be concluded for one year. The both parties can extend this agreement for next year when meeting of mind.

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    翻譯:If 1. this contract meets time the bilateral service demand stop (or turns the " the party of the first part because if in service time demand stop "), the second party must unconditionally the original restore the party of the first part, also this contract book automatic expiration.



    翻譯:2. second parties do not have to carry on any interior as well as the exterior knocked-down and assemble behavior of to this radio station and not when uses, because either uses not good causes the function or the outward appearance damage; If disobeys the above request, the party of the first part retains requests the second party to depend on right of the equipment market price total compensation.

    3. 本合約在不違反事項1的前提下,為一年一約,合約期滿,雙方合意可再續約。-->此項可先不用翻.一二巷比較急

    翻譯:3. This contract in does not violate under the item 1 premise, is a year one approximately, the contract expires, both sides meet one's satisfaction may again renew a contract.-->This item may not need to turn 0.12 lanes first quite to be anxious

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    1.Contract this when meet the demands of business of both sides to stop (or looks through " Party A when because the demand stops on the business " ),Party B needs to return the original to Party A unconditionally, and this contract ceases to be in force automatically.

    2.Party B can't carries on the behavior of any inside and outside disassembly and assembly to this machine platform and uses improperly, or because use badly and cause the function or the appearance to be damaged; Such as disobey above-mentioned demand, Party A is it require Party B depend on equipment market price right of compensation totally to keep.

    3.¡¡This contract is invited for one year and one on the premise of not violating 1 item, the contract expires, of both sides and desirable can renew a contract again.


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