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5.寫mail時的greeting(就是一開始的寒暄...除了how are you this day以外,還能說些什麼別的呢?)

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    1)Hi everyone, I'm the sales associate for ***company. Nice to meet you all, and thank you giving me this chance to present to you, our company's product.

    2)Hi, this is my business card, it has all of my contact information on there. Give me a call if you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to follow up in regards to today's meeting. I'll give you a call when things are more quiet, maybe we can have more time to chat.

    3)This is the president of our company. He's very responsible and caring. He's into charity events and helping others, he joined the adapt-a-kid program to help out children in need. He's been in this business for many years with dedication and professionalism; he believes in customer service and quality control. He's very into gasket, that's his forte. He's very open minded and believe in team work; he's willing to give newcomers chances and loves to share his knowledge and experiences with us so that we can learn and become more knowledgable.

    4)Our company is well known in Taiwan, you can trust the quality of our product. There are many selections to choose from, and we are very trustworthy. We can guarantee that our products has the best quality and stability that is required to maintain a long term relationship. We always try to improve by all means to satisfy the needs of our clients. We may not be the biggest company but i have confident to say that we have the best quality in both the products and our customer services. Our vision is to built a long term relationship with our clients and to support and distribute the best quality possible to maintain to keep the consistency of our product line. Our company's reputation is among one of the few on the top that are well known for being dependable, stable and responsible.

    5)How's it going?

    How's your day?

    Haven't talk to you for awhile, how are you doing?

    I'm just writing to you to see how you're doing?

    I'm just writing to you to follow up our last conversation.