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秘密 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

幫忙履歷英文翻譯~~~急急急件 面試用



求學生涯是相當豐富的依個階段,無論是學業,競賽以及與同學之間的互動,系會,旅行等等,每件事都讓我得到滿滿的收穫,也因個性的關係,擔任過系會幹部及策劃舉辦系上大型活動,大學四年期間,最難忘的莫非是爭取獎學金參與美國遊學團及自行參加校外的work &travel計畫,讓自己生活在異鄉的世界,學會自己獨立生活及體驗外國人的生活習慣及風俗民情

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    The individuality is frank, not bothers about trifles, lively optimistic, moreover likes accepting the challenge has the exuberant business center of figure ram female

    Studies the stage:

    The studying profession is quite rich according to a stage, regardless of being the studies, the competition as well as with schoolmate's between interaction, is the meeting, travel and so on, each matters let me obtain Man Man the harvest, also because of the individuality relations, has held the post is meets the cadre and the plan conduct tie the major-type activity, a university four year period, most unforgettable is it possible that is strives for the scholarship to participate in the US studying away from home the group and voluntarily participates in extracurricular work & travel the plan, own life in the foreign land world, is learned oneself to live independently and to experience foreigner's habits and customs and the custom public sentiment

    參考資料: Oneself
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