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過年食物 (BY English)





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    Vegetables all the year round: the so-called long-term refers to dishes

    are mustard, Taiwan Kaohsiung-Pingtung area are brought on behalf

    of the root of spinach, the night before New Year's Eve will be the w

    hole of the mustard with water for cooking, also known as every Ne

    w Year, in the dishes, not go end to end, intended to have the first che

    ck has tail, do not add fine-cut, check intended to keep memories. In s

    hort, eat vegetables all the year round is to live to be a hundred. Eat w

    hen food should be a year round after leading a tail, food should not c

    ross, can not chew off and eat, which means that parents birthday.

    Leeks: leek Taiwanese dishes long also means longevity expectations.

    Eggplant: The representative of the vitality, the so-called eating eggpl

    ant would playfully tease.

    Chicken: the end of bye bye and the New Year, there must be a chick

    en, the chicken were also home. Started eating chicken before, if peo

    ple have bought a turkey, water cooked, bye bye after a fire tore Artic

    le eat chicken, just like the chicken rice in Chiayi, husband and wife a

    nd family to eat turkey, on behalf of started for the group, and repres

    ents the fire chicken money all.

    Meatball: levy all successful.

    Fish: Chinese custom of eating fish on behalf of mid-year there is fis

    h, every year more than the middle of all the remaining money that i

    s. At dinner on the general people, not daring to eat fish, the fish rema

    in in the set up, to stay until New Year's Day, every year more than ex


    If you want to fish the best, prepare two the first evening over awant b

    ig fish, a stomach to eat, a stay until New Year's Day, let in more tha

    n stomach also.

    Hair rice:naturally be able to make a fortune taking the best of luck.

    Beetroot cake: Have a good luck meaning.

    Vegetable Packet: seek good luck, I hope there is a good start to pray

    for gold and silver treasure, wealth Fulu rolling, endless.

    Peanut: Table longevity. long life also.

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