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    Dng Dǐng (凍頂) Oolong Tea Series -- Si Ji Chuen Ttea 四季春

    The characteristics are fresh aroma, strong purity, sweet aftertaste with the bitterness, and the tea is commonly low-brewed .

    With oolong tea's fragrance and green tea's aroma, it is suitable to drink in every season. Therefore, here comes the name : Si Ji Chuen Tea

    Our family grow all the tea leaves, therefore, they are not bad.

    If you like, please take a sip of it.

    Winter tea is recommended. and you can try as well.

    Please help me to translate these sentences. Thank you!!!



    Dong Fang Mei Ren (東方美人茶)

    The name means Oriental (Eastern) Beauty. Also known as Bai Hao Oolong. This tea is tippy (the leaves frequently have white or golden tips), with natural fruity aromas, a bright red appearance and a sweet taste.

    Alishan (阿里山茶)

    Grown in the Alishan area of Chiayi County, this tea has large rolled leaves that have a purple-green appearance when dry. It is grown at an elevation of 1000 to 1400 metres. There is only a short period during the growing season when the sun is strong, which results in a sweeter and less astringent brew. It produces a golden yellow tea which has a unique fruity aroma.[7]

    Pouchong (包種茶)

    Also romanized as Baozhong, the lightest and most floral Oolong[citation needed], with unrolled leaves of a light green to brown color. Originally grown in Fujian it is now widely cultivated and produced in Pinglin Township near Taipei, Taiwan.


    祝身體健康 天天開心

    參考資料: 自己+奇摩
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    frozen top tea series -- spring

    its characteristic aroma, taste mellow on practices emerging low fermentation, not only of oolong tea aroma, and green tea fragrance, suitable for chinamake drind, therefore, called spring tea.

    my family grow your own tea is, therefore, are very good likes

    You can try to take a look at, it is recommended in winter of tea, so you can try

    This a few words of translation, please help me to thank you!!!

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