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    The sack town is with a vast territory to presentthe narrow and long form of north and south, the area nearly has theSixth Five-Year Plan Period. Eight or three sq. km., there is the areaunder one's jurisdiction in 23, the east and justice bamboo townshipare the neighbor, boarded by the Piao 's, east stone township in thenorth, bounded with eight palm small streams and a door township innorth and south in the south, the west faces Penghu and mainland fromafar through the Taiwan Straits, it is its protective screen that thenorthwest side has other umbrellas to carry the continent, occupying inthe center of the good south plain strand area of the west of Taiwan,the geographical position is quite important, once there was a phase ofbrilliant history.

    The old name ' thesack mouth ' of the sack, this one says, because poured the wind inlandsea, Hong Kong in there are rough beans harbours, good in this inlandsea depths in the good south coastal area in the past, pour wind haveWang good peninsula in the west of the inland sea, peninsula this Wangharbour northernmost (whether namely today in being good and beautiful),It was the sack mouth village that faced each other across the riverwith Wang harbour, accused of exporting in the wind inland sea upsidedown altogether in two places, pour wind inland sea form like sack,sack because mouth village is it export to lie in, gain the name thesack mouth.

    From end of Ming Dynastyfor promptly as continent, Penghu open up to navigation frequent insack,because of with Fujian, have more closest Xiamen, being mostconvenient, course recover Taiwan and commerce and cultural exchangesbehavior of mainland to all dependent on this channel initial stage,flushed with success for a period of time too, known as ' smallShanghai ', can want to see the flourishing grand occasion at that time.

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    Hong Kong and Macro that rely mainly on the fact that the trader transports originally nowadays, turn into inshore fishing port inside the island suddenly, the prosperous scene picture that bustling with vehicles in the past,

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    the song and dance sound was rejected has not replied seeing, that has been replaced was that the lead powder used in cosmetics was taken off to the limit, the light skirt was attacked yet, simple and clear and pure sack people.

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    Every sack person who has deep love for the native soil, expect the sack town to resume grand occasion of ' small Shanghai ' in the past as soon as possible invariably, the sack town have potentiality to quite develop and superior condition,

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    and the development of the sack harbour is the motive power of prosperity of our Chiayi county and development, when improving in the cross-Straits relations, it must be the greatest favorable turn of garrison post of the sack, everybody expects that this day comes.

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  • 布袋鎮幅員廣闊呈南北狹長狀,面積約有五九.七六九○平方公里,轄區有二十三個里,東與義竹鄉為鄰,北與朴子市、東石鄉接壤,南以八掌溪與台南北門鄉交界,西隔台灣海峽與澎湖和大陸遙遙相望,西北側有外傘頂洲為其屏障,位居台灣西部嘉南平原濱海地區的中心,地理位置相當重要,曾有一段輝煌的歷史。




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