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明天就要了 所以懇請各位的幫忙

我現在有中文稿 想請各位幫忙翻譯成英文



Thank you for listening, have a great day!


>_< 拜託我不要翻譯機翻出來的


先謝謝各位的幫忙了 ((跪

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  • Sigma
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    1 0 年前

    My name is xxx. I graduated from 00 high school in QQ County. I live in AA town close to the seaside of QQ county. I am blessed to have a happy family with Dad, Mom and two sisters. My father is layed off due to recent economy recession. My mother is a technician. My two sisters are 10 and 16, respectively. I like reading extra-curriculum books, painting, and listening to the music. Also, I like to read news related to social events, even though it sounds weird. My first encounter with Japanese language was in my primary school days. Since then, I keep an interest in it. I wish I can be admitted to your school. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day.

    參考資料: myself
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