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英文作文題目 (迷信)

請問英文作文有關 ( 迷信 ) 的內容怎麼寫?

葛洛莉英文班要的 , 好像要去參加演講的吧


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    Superstition, a notion which does not base on any knowledge, is

    generally about an irrational belief that future events could be

    foretold by specific event. For instance, people tend to consider

    that breaking a mirror can actually cause one seven years of bad

    luck. Moreover, a superstition is commonly applied to beliefs and

    practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings, as well.

    A sight of superstition could easily be found in any country. For

    example, tetraphobia, an aversion to or fear of the number 4, is

    most common in East Asian regions, such as China and Taiwan.

    This is due to the Chinese word for 4 sounds nearly the same as the

    word for death. In these countries, any floor numbers with four,

    4, 14, 24 and so on, are often skipped in buildings, especially


    Similarly, triskaidekaphobia, a fear of number 13, is well known

    in Western culture, as well. Number 13 has been perceived as a

    symbol of bad luck or even the representation of Satan. This is

    because Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus at the Last Supper,

    was the thirteenth to sit at the table. Thus, the floor 13 is sometimes

    replaced by 12a, and some buildings just skip 13 completely.

    Interestingly, in 1948, a behavioural psychologist B.F. Skinner

    published an article, in which he described that the superstitious

    behaviour of human could be explained by his experiment of the

    pigeon behaviour. Maybe all the superstitions we have nowadays

    are not that irrational after all!

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    以上是我針對 [迷信] 這題目所寫的範文


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    A sight of superstition could easily be found in any country.


    A "sign" of superstition could easily be found in any country.


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