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The result, howevew/ has been the opposite.

Large groups of eager people come to look at the statues.

Easter Island now has a modern airport, and people come from all over the world to viait.

Mystery of the Monarchs

Monarch butterflies from the easterm part of North America make the most amazing journey in the insect world.

Each year, this tiny creature travels up to 3,000 miles(4,800kilometers)to its winter home in central Mexico.

How can it fly so far?

And what is the purpose of its long and dangerous trip?

Scientists still don’t have an explanation.

For many years, people in Mexico wondered where the orange-and-black butterflies came from every winter.

Then, in 1937,a scientist put the first wing tags on some of the butterflies.

For the next 20 years, he tagged and tracked Monarch butterflies.

He discovered that one butterfly started its journey in Ontaruo,Canada four months and 1,870 miles later, it arrived in Mexico.

The length of the butterflies’ trip is only one part of the mystery.

Another amazing thing is that the butterflies always return to the same location in central Mexico.

In fact, Monarchs from all over the eastern part of North Americe spend the winter at just a dozen places in Mexico.

All of these places are within 300 square miles of each other!

You can imagine how crowded the area is with butterflies.

How do the butterflies find their way back to the same place?

This is an interesting question because only every fourth generation makes the trip south.

In other words,the butterfly that travels to Mexico this year is the great-great-grandchild of the butterfly that traveled there last year.

Each year,four generations of a Monarch butterfly family are born.

Each generation of the family has a very different life.

The first generation of Monarchs is born in the south in late April.

It slowly moves north, reproduces, and then dies.

On the trip north,two more generations are born,reproduce,and die.

Each of these generations of butterflies lives for only two to five weeks.

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    結果, howevew/是對面。大小組熱切的人民來看雕像。复活节岛現在有一個現代機場,并且人们走向從全世界viait。 國君的奧秘從北美洲的easterm部分的黑脉金斑蝶做在昆虫世界的最驚人的旅途。每年,這個微小的生物到它的冬天家旅行3,000英里(4,800kilometers)在中央墨西哥。它到目前為止怎麼飛行?并且什麼是它長和危險旅行的目的?科學家仍然沒有一個解釋。 許多年,人们在墨西哥想知道橙色和黑蝴蝶何处来自每個冬天。然后,在1937年,科學家在某些投入了第一個翼標記蝴蝶。以后20年,他標記了并且跟蹤了黑脉金斑蝶。他發現一隻蝴蝶開始了它的在Ontaruo,后的加拿大的旅途四個月和1,870英里,它在墨西哥到達了。蝴蝶的旅行的长短只是奧秘的一部分。另一件驚人的事是蝴蝶总是回到同一個地點在中央墨西哥。实际上,從在北部Americe的东部的國君在十二地方度过冬天在墨西哥。所有這些地方在300平方英里彼此之内! 您能想像擁擠區域怎麼是與蝴蝶。 蝴蝶怎麼寻找他們的道路回到原处?因為每只第四代使旅行南,這是一個有趣的問題。换句话说,到墨西哥今年旅行的蝴蝶是去年旅行那裡蝴蝶的偉大偉大孫。 每年,黑脉金斑蝶家庭的四個世代出生。家庭的每個世代有非常不同的生活。國君的第一代是出生在南部在4月下旬。它慢慢地移動北部,再生產,然后死。在北部的旅行,另外二個世代出生,再生產,并且死。蝴蝶的這些世代中的每一個居住在只二個到五個星期。

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