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1-3.這個網址可用的功能除了介紹有關XX的交通指南,網站主要還提供給登山客詳細的戶外資訊和教育,以及一些特殊名山風景區的介紹和圖片, ,給予愛好戶外活動的人很多方便.




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    1-3. The function of this web site can be used apart from the introduction of the traffic guidance XX, the main website also provides detailed outdoor climbers give information and education, as well as some special scenic mountains and the introduction of the picture, to give love outdoor activities Convenience a lot of people.

    1-4. In my opinion the most interesting of this Web site are as long as the cursor refers to XX, will show how to guide local transportation arrival. Like how to drive or take public transportation in Taiwan Get major famous scenic areas.

    2-3. The information available on the site of the XX detailed planning of the trip, apart from one traffic guidance also start each time the itinerary and attractions, illustrated by those who can successfully Hiking Tour.

    2-4. I think this site above all have fun a lot of detailed trip planning, will allow for the XX are interested, but not to the people around here give a lot of information, so that they will not give up trouble and this visit idea.




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