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How can you give a hand to the disabled in Taiwan?

Think of at least two specific and effective ways.

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    The people with disabilities have the basic needs as everyone else, basic needs such as shelter, food, and transportation. They might even require the medical treatment which is not common to us. For example, wheelchairs for handicap or guide dogs for the blind. Although Taiwanese government provide certain financial assistances to the disabled but the subsidy is in inadequate to maintain a quality life for them. Therefore, instead of providing charity, there are a few ways that we can help them:

    We can help a disabled person to receive extra money towards his or her educational goals. Many financial opportunities exist (public or private sectors) to help the disabled receive education. Please volunteer as financial aid advisor at the counseling center near you.

    If you run a business, you can hire them. For years, Taiwanese government has provided transition (vocational) education and services to individual with disabled. Therefore, give them (the disabled who qualified) the employment opportunity can help them in a long run.

    In short, for the disabled, life can be very difficult, as a fellow Taiwanese; it is our responsibility to help out our fellow citizen, esp. the disabled, move toward a career and even a better life.

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