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History and Legendary Traditions

Longtan (龍潭), the pond of the dragon, got its name from a large pond at the city center. The pond, having a surface area of 45,000 pings(148,500m2) or so, for it used to be filled with wild water chestnut plants, was known as Ling Tan Bi (菱潭陂, the pond with water chestnuts) during the old times. To the south of the pond, there used to be a fountain with a white chunk of rock at the center. Legend has it that every time when water sprang and dewdrops streamed from the chunk of rock, it rained and even during the dry season, the pond was still full of water and would never dry up. During a long drought, locals could always get timely rainfall by praying beside the pond. For such efficacy, people called the pond Ling Tan Bi (靈潭陂, the efficacious water pond). Some say a yellow dragon would spring out when winds blew and rain fell so the pond was renamed Long Tan Bi (龍潭陂, the water pond of dragons) and later Long Tan Jhuang (龍潭庄, the village of the pond of the dragon). Some believe that in Taiwanese, the word ling (靈, efficacious) is pronounced similarly to long (龍, dragon) so Lingtan (靈潭, the efficacious pond) has the alternative name Longtan (龍潭, the pond of the dragon).

In Longtan’s history, the early exploration period lasted for about two hundred years. The first settlement was in areas near Sankeng (三坑) along the Dahan River (大漢溪). Han immigrants continued to settle in this area by the ninth year of Cianlong Emperor’s reign (1744 A.D.), the year when Yongfu Temple was built up. Siaoli district official Jhih Mu-liou (知母六) gathered peasants to explore the lands near Ling Tan Bi, which is considered the first organized exploration project in Longtan’s history.

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    龍潭, 稱為龍之潭, 因坐落於城市中央而命名為此.

    在這面積約45000坪(148500平方公尺)的湖, 長年被菱角覆蓋著湖底因此, 此湖在古時又被稱為菱潭陂.

    以前, 湖的南邊有一個中間有白色石頭的噴泉.

    傳說, 在水湧出和露水流出那塊石頭時, 就算在乾燥的季節裡還昰會降雨讓湖充滿水..

    在很長的乾旱裡, 當地人還是可以藉由在湖邊祈禱來取得適時的降雨.

    因為有此靈性, 人又稱他為靈潭陂.

    有人說當刮風下雨時黃龍會出水. 因此, 此湖又被命名為龍潭陂與龍潭庄.

    有人相信在台語裡. “靈”自發音與 “龍” 自發音相似,所以靈潭又被稱為龍潭.

    在龍潭的歷史裡, 最早的勘察有200年之久.



    八德管轄區的官員, 知母六, 巨集農民來勘察龍潭陂. 那次勘察視龍潭歷史裡的第一次堪察.

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