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That PlayStation 3 price drop rumored to be coming tomorrow? Not happening, according to Sony. In a statement given to Joystiq, SCEA public relations manager Al De Leon says, "we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation." Although we wouldn't put it past the company to deny it up until the second before an official announcement, we seriously doubt Sony would announce any sort of price cut on the day it's most likely to get drowned out by fake PSP2 mockups. No word on that speculated $100 PS2, but we wouldn't get our hopes up here, either.


謝謝 !!!


To Eve 大大 :

1. any rumors to that effect are false . 這裡的effect指的是什麼 ??

2. we wouldn't put it ( that ) past the company ....

這裡是不是有省略 that ??

為何要用 put ???

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  • 懿珩
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    1 0 年前

    傳言說明天 PS3會降價?SONY表示非事實.公關經理Al De Leon 對Joystiq SCEA表示



    我們還是強烈懷疑SONY會選在假的PSP2 mockups掩沒他們前對降價做任何正式的聲明.

    對於PS2 降價為$100一台沒有提任何字,但是我們也不至於對他存有希望.

    2009-04-03 09:41:41 補充:



    put it past , 是對某事感到驚訝的意思


    參考資料: me in washington DC