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題目: 我未來的職業(這句不用翻)

各位至上的師長 您們好



民以食為天 即使經濟再怎麼不景氣






沒想到進入後 讓我倍感興趣



看似渺毛 實際上卻是大放色彩的激石


即使身邊的師長及朋友 總認為我異想天開

但我不曾氣餒 反倒是志氣大增

下定決心 打破他們認為『不可能』的看法

從此 我知道自己和餐飲緊緊牽繫著






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    題目: 我未來的職業

    That the supremacy of good teachers you

    My meals are one of the students --- B LU You-Wei

    Subject to report today is that my future career 』

    Hunger breeds discontent, even if the economic downturn, no matter how

    Human after all, have to rely on food for survival

    I am glad that they are in the catering section

    I will definitely become a top chef and big boss

    Prior to entering the Dining Section

    Whether or not I have hesitated a special interest has read

    Did not expect me to enter the fold of interest after

    I believe their hearts standing

    Always will be a milestone in the dream

    In fact it seems to vague hair color are excited Dafang Stone

    Millions of monthly income of the restaurant industry is not impossible

    Even if teachers and friends around me always thought that good to be true

    But I have not discouraged the other hand, increased ambition

    Determined to break them can not think 』『 views

    From then on I knew I was firmly led by the Department and the Food & Beverage

    To the point where it can not be separated from the

    This is my life's most important turning point

    I am confident that their great hands

    Tens of thousands of dollars is not affordable

    But even 100 million euros trillion are irreplaceable treasures


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    Fellow supreme division commanders you are good I are meal a second grade student---Lu Youwei must report that today the subject will be 'my future occupation' Even if the food is what matters to the people the economical how not booming humanity can depend on food eventually again to survive I to rejoice very much he I will become apex chef concurrently boss inevitably in the dining branch Before entering the dining branch, I once was hesitating whether to have the interest to read specially had not thought after entering, lets me feel urgently the interest I to believe that oneself stands erect the heart which does not swing forever to decide in the dream milestone looked resembles miao the wool in fact is actually puts the color greatly the violent stone Food and beverage industry monthly salary 1,000,000 by no means impossible, even if division commander and the friend always thought that I indulge in fantasy, but I not once was discouraged on the contrary was the spirit increase set firm resolve to break them to think 'is impossible' view Henceforth I knew that oneself and the dining closely was capturing to situation this which could also not leave is in my life the most important connection I deeply believed oneself great both hands were not several thousand US dollars can afford, but linked the treasure which 1,000,100,000,000 euros were unable to substitute

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