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However, the weld metal solidification cracks in multipass

welding are rarely studied and predicted owing to

the complex procedures involved with the simulation, especially

to actual structure weldments. Therefore, the present

investigation utilizes element birth and death finite element

technique to control the process of filling metal step by step

during multipass welding process and the thermal distributions

and mechanical strains and the driving force at the

trailing edge of the moving weld pool of 10 mm plate-butt

of a part of 5000 m3 storage tank which is made of SUS310

stainless steel in Chinese Daqing Oilfield are analyzed with

FEM on the basis of simulating the single pass welding

[23,24]. What is more important, the weld metal solidification

cracks in an actual larger weldment are predicted in

this study.

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    然而,在多通銲接的焊接金属固體化镇压很少被學習并且被預言由於複雜做法介入與模仿,特别是對實際結構銲件。 所以,禮物調查運用元素生死有限元素技術控制逐步填裝金屬的過程在多通銲接過程期間和熱量發行和機械張力和驱动力在 10 mm移動的銲接水池的机体后缘板材接界5000 m3由SUS310做成不锈钢在中國大慶油田分析與FEM根據模仿单向銲接的储存箱的部分 [23,24]。 什麼是更加重要的,在一個實際更大的銲件的焊接金属固體化镇压被預言 這項研究。

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