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誰能幫我寫 英文作文 20點 級ˊˋ 有題目

有五個題目 任選一個寫就好 不用太難 小弟今年高二

字數不限 ^^"

1. Talk about bad places to go on vacation. Explain why people

shouldn't travel there.

2. Talk about a day you were very unlucky.

3. Who do you think changed Taiwan the most ? What did they do and

how did they affect Taiwan ?

4. The most interesting news story I have read to date and what it

means to me

5. Talk about a time you got lost

今天要用好 拜託各位大大摟ˊˋ 謝謝你們 !

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  • 寶寶
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    1 0 年前

    Have you ever gotten lost? In a place that you never been before,

    like a car show or a shopping mall? Wherever it is, you must have been

    really scared right?

    Let me tell you a story which happened when I was five years old.

    There was a day that my parents decided to go shopping for the Christmas.

    The mall was like two and half hours away from where I lived. We have

    been walking in the mall for a long time. All of a sudden, I realized my

    parents were gone. I could not find them anywhere. I was terrified; I began

    to ask people whether they had seen my parents or not. Unfortunately,

    nobody would like to stop and help me. So I kept walking till I went onto

    the roof. I only saw a large stretch of black clouds up there.

    Did you know? A research shows that if a baby hears another baby

    cries, he or she would start crying too. This is all due to the fact that

    the baby has the ability to detect the sorrow that exists in the atmosphere.

    However, as people mature, this ability tends to be forgotten, more so,

    hidden. This is all because of the pressure that people encounter from

    dealing with interpersonal relationships.

    When I saw the black clouds, I cried. Not because I was lost but I

    sensed the sorrow in the air, a sense that have not shown for a long time.

    I kept crying till the sun came out from the black clouds. The golden

    sunshine illuminated the entire city. All of a sudden, I stopped crying.

    It was the peaceful I felt. After a while, my parents found me and took

    me home.

    As a matter of fact, it is not scary to be lost. What really scares people

    is the loneliness and sadness you would feel when you are lost.

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